Oktober 2015 – mail Yusuf

Op 18 oktober heeft Yusuf ons een mail gestuurd. Hoewel deze mail gericht is gericht aan stichting Yamah, is deze indirect gericht aan de sponsoren. Bijgaand de (samengevatte) tekst en de foto’s.

Dear Daddy Jaap, Uncle Gerwin and Joost,
Good evening to you all, how are you and the rest of the family, hope you are all fine.  We are using this opportunity to thank you once again for all you supports for the children and the school. 
School has just resumed and we have been very busy again as usual putting  things together. We have also snapped lots of photos for you to see all the work we have been doing both in the classrooms and in the school compound. There are also some pictures of children that were given uniforms and some of the student in the home science lab doing cooking practical! They are so happy and appreciate your kindness on them.  
The PTA and the entire stall also thank you and the Yamah Foundation for all the supports. The PTA, staff and children are also asking if you will visit us this year because we have miss you for a very long time. 
We all thank you and pray you all remain bless
Bro Yusuf, Akeem, Mrs Jobe, staff and Children
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