Brand London Corner School

– 27 februari 2016
Afgelopen weekend werden wij opgeschrikt door onderstaande mail van Yusuf over een brand in de London Corner School. Gelukkig zijn er geen gewonden gevallen, maar is er wel materiële schade. Hoe groot deze is, is nog onduidelijk.
Dear Yamah Foundation,
Good afternoon to all the family members and also to the Yamah Foundation. How are you all doing, hope you are all fine. We wish to inform you all about the fire disaster at the London Corner school. There was fire outbreak at the school yesterday. The fire burnt most of the things in the school office. most of the children uniforms were burnt, books, some medicines, the fan and so many other things including the office chair were all burnt. 
The fire which claimed lots of items in the office started around 2:oopm when we were having some classes in the school .  The cause of he fire was due to electrical fault.  
The good news is that the members of the community quickly joined hand and help to put off the fire. We thank God that non of the children was injured. 
We are now trying to pack out all the damage material. 
The children will resume back normal classes on Monday. We thank God it was only the Office that was affected and not the classrooms. 
Once again we thank you for and Yamah Foundation for all your efforts.
Stay and remain bless,
Bro Yusuf, Akeem, Mrs Jobe, Children, Staff and PTA.
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